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ford 6000 cd radio code 2005 - 2008

How do I get my radio code for free?

First of all, you need to find the serial number of the Ford radio to get the stereo key code. The serial number can be obtained in these simple ways:

  1. Press and hold radio buttons 1 and 6 (sometimes 2 and 6) at the same time to start the scrolling information, the serial number is displayed at the end.
  2. The radio serial number must start with the letter M or V followed by 6 digits (ex : M------, V------, FDC2005M------ FDMCA1CV---- + 2 digits next screen, SOCD6X7V------). In this case just put your serial in the decoding box!
  3. Some examples of how to get the Ford radio serial number on screen: - How to get Ford Sony CD (Youtube) and - How to get 6000 CD (Youtube).
  4. For Sanyo Automedia - 6000 CD SECURITY CODED stereo codes found on Ford Focus use buttons 3 & 6 and after the self test press 6 again for manufacturer info.
ford radio rds label

What if I cannot find my Ford radio code using the first method?

It is quite simple to remove your Ford radio, you just need to remove the unit from the dashboard to get the serial number from the radios label. It is quite simple with special keys and can be quite easy with some improvised ones.

Examples of how to extract the Ford 6000 CD cassette player with or without special keys - How to remove radio (Youtube) and - Ford radio code - find serial number.

ford Blaupunkt travelpilot FX NE EX - Navi radio code

Ford TravelPilot FX NE EX - Navi Radio Codes

For Ford Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX NE EX - Navi Radio Codes, you will find the stereo serial number printed on the back sticker label or compressed in the stereo case and you must remove it from the dashboard.

If these serial numbers are different and the generated code is wrong, try the serial number stamped in the metal case of the ford radio!

Ford Travelpilot serial numbers are longer and begin with the letters BP - C7, some examples: C7E3A0582 8 8391693 / BP1040 A 0754823 / BP0500 3 3103143, etc.

We can now offer you radio codes for all Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX, NE, EX - Navi Systems.

ford radio code sanyo 6000 cd sam model australia

Sanyo Automedia - SAM MODEL NO. Radio Code - 6000 CD SECURITY CODED - SOON!

27088598 on screen or 270885980901 on radio label. Contact us for those types of serial numbers.

Also for those who need valuable information and additional details, you can visit this Free Ford Radio Codes website as well.

ford 6000 2007 locked error

Ford radio locked?

Try to avoid entering incorrect code repeatedly, you can risk blocking your radio permanently!

If the message LOCKED10/LOCK10 appears on the screen, it means that a wrong code has been entered 10 times. At this stage it can still be decoded, but the cassette player only accepts 3 more codes before being permanently blocked. To reset this status, with the radio switched off, press and hold button 6 while turning it on.

If the message LOCKED13/LOCK13 appears on the display, it means that the wrong codes have been tried 13 times, a situation in which the ford's radio can no longer be decoded online, but only by an electronics specialist.

ford 6000 cd radio code 2008 - 2010

Radio code generator compatibility

It works at this time with M, V, C7 (Travelpilot), BP (Blaupunkt) and SAM Model(Sanyo) serial numbers found on Ford - Focus, Fiesta, Transit, Mondeo, KA, Fusion, Galaxy, B-Max, C-Max, S-Max, Kuga, Puma, Tourneo, Fiat Stilo/Albea/Siena/Strada, Jaguar, Nissan Micra K12, LAND Rover, MERCEDES BENZ TRUCKLINE.

FORD RADIO CODES for - Travelpilot, Sanyo SAM MODEL, 6000CD, 6006E CD RDS EON, 9000 VNR Sat Nav, Land Rover 6500 CD, Fiat Stilo CD, 5500R, 6000 CD RADIO, 6000 CD RDS, CD132 NAV, 5000C, Land Rover CD, 4500 RDS EON, 6006 RDS EON, 3500 RDS EON, 2006 RDS, 7000 RDS EON, 7000 RDS, 2006 RDS, 6000CD RDS EON, 5000 RDS, 7000 RDS, 3000 TRAFFIC, 4000 TRAFFIC, Jaguar 9000 Europe Premium, 4050 RDS EON, 4000 RDS, etc.

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